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About Us


Founded in 1988, Halewinner Watches Group has grown to become one of Hong Kong's major watch retailers, selling and marketing high-end timepieces. Halewinner Watches Group comprises two retail brands, Unique Timepieces and Halewinner. Today both are among the biggest luxury watch retailers in Hong Kong, representing more than 40 famous Swiss watch brands.

In 2010, Early Light Group acquired Halewinner, and actively expanded business under the Unique Timepieces and Halewinner brands. The number of retail locations has grown from fewer than 10 to more than 30 across Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, with continuing recruitment of new staff to support the company's growing footprint. At present, Halewinner Watches Group employs some 330 staff in Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland.

Unique Timepieces and Halewinner attach utmost importance to providing premium quality service. The brands' guiding philosophy in customer service is “Find your uniqueness”. The three creative operation principles are Trust, Innovation and Exclusive (T.I.E.), to provide customers with the most distinguished, unique shopping environment and the most complete range of watches, with personalised, exclusive service so that every customer can find their independent, unique experience. Armed with these highly professional service standards, Halewinner Watches Group has become an established, trusted brand.

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